Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The First Crawl: -2.8 feet; and other tales...

She's 6 and a half months old.

And until this evening she's been happy as a clam doing the Mission Impossible dance instead of attempting to crawl.

But tonight when we enticed her to take one small step for a very little girl, she promptly scooted nearly 3 feet...backwards. And of course, we enthusiastically applauded.

IN OTHER NEWS: Hide yo' kids.

Today Sandi relayed a story from daycare. Apparently our daughter has become particularly social as of late. But it doesn't seem that boundaries are her strong suit.

How do I know?

The small clump of baby hair in her fist and the little asian child screaming. Yep, while Josie was in her bumbo playing with another child, she discovered an urge to reach over to the other baby feeding next to her and remove several hairs from the kid's head. Cue screaming.

And I can't claim this to be true, but I can just picture Josie wildly laughing while doing her best to make it rain with hair follicles.

FINALLY: We stopped by my Mom's place this past Sunday and Josie's teething was in overdrive. Fortunately, Mom had the good sense to buy a toy specifically for teething and gave it to her after a good time spent in the freezer.

Think she liked it?

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