Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mind = Blown

For Christmas, one of my best friends from college, Ian, sent me a couple CDs. Both were kid's CDs.

The first was They Might Be Giants. For those that know the band, their kid's CD is exactly what you'd expect. A little odd and a lot of fun.

But the other CD Ian sent was from someone called Caspar Babypants.

Now, I had never heard of him, and I still have no idea how well known his music is outside of Washington State, where Ian lives now.

But I absolutely love the CD. Tons of great original kids music, and some fun variations on the classics.

Now here's where the mindblowing begins.

With Josie on my lap, I decided to pull up a youtube of the band and see if they had any fun live versions of their songs. I found my favorite in one of the first search results.

(sidebar: This is now my favorite song of the moment. Moreso than anything out right now. A kid's song. Not some new song on CD101, or something I'd hear at the bar after playing kickball in DC. My favorite song is a kid song. Odd.)

So here is the video. See if you recognize the singer.

Figure it out?

Here's a big, fat hint.

Holy. Crap.

Yep, Caspar Babypants is the dude from The Presidents of the United States of America. Known for such all-time 90s doozies as Peaches, Kitty, and Lump.

Worlds collide.

Mind = Blown

Now, go buy his CD.

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  1. It's fun, but I'm still a "Willy Was a Whale" gal.