Friday, March 2, 2012

Green eggs and no ham

It's Lent.

Of course, that means no meat on Fridays for Catholics like us.

So building off that requirement and our discovery that today was Dr. Seuss' birthday, Sandi decided to get a little creative.

Here was dinner tonight.

And believe it or not, green eggs aren't half bad.

They could not, would not make me sad. They could not, would not make me mad.

All growns up...

Every parent wonders what their kid will look like when they grow older. Sure, the last thing you want are the years to quickly go by, but you can't help but be curious whether she'll look like Mom or Grandma. Like Pappy or Nana. As long as she doesn't look like the mailman...

So we did a little experiment. I'm not sure it worked.

That's Josie in one of her Mom's outfits. She looks quite professional, if I say so myself.

Your Moment of Cuteness...

I imagine this will be a running aspect of the Team Keeling blog.

And finally...

The monitor we use to listen and watch Josie has a fun little intercom that we've never really felt a need to try to utilize... until recently.

As our little kiddo becomes more and more aware, it's fun to play a little game and see what she does.

In this case she hears a voice coming from... somewhere ... and looks straight up at the Monitor and wonders how her Mother could fit into such a tiny, little box.

The kid is even ridiculously cute in infrared. Amazing.

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