Thursday, April 21, 2011


There is something perfectly relaxing to sitting on the couch and just feeling my baby thwack the heck out of Sandi's tummy.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Best friends. Already.

On the whole, Maddie is one cuddly critter.

It's just that normally she prefers doing so down by our legs or even...

Cute, eh?

Well, as of late, Maddie has taken a decidedly different position when it comes to cuddling up to Mom.

Apparently Maddie wants to be the first one to hug our little girl.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kicks, Punches, And A Whole Lot Of Money

The last two weeks have been amazing. Our little girl has gone from random kicks and punches to reacting to touch. She also kicks so hard now at 23 weeks that you can see my shirt or a piece of paper move. Incredible.

Also, this past Saturday Jon and I went to register for our little one. After 3.5 hours in Buy Buy Baby we have almost completed our registry. We had such a good time! Jon, the self-proclaimed master of the scanning gun, enjoyed his job SO MUCH he would only let me scan a pack of crib sheets! Don't get between a man and his gun....even if it's digital and in a baby store!

The trip was also a revelation. We knew a baby was expensive, but registering provides a whole new perspective. We're hoping Jon can do what he can to get child labor laws repealed as soon as possible so our little one can start earning her keep! Ha!

As for me, I'm feeling great, though my balance isn't what it used to be! Keep checking back here for updates... we'll post here and there to keep all our friends and family informed on what's up!

Friday, April 8, 2011


With the NFL strike looming, I was thinking about how I may be able to get my football fix by picking up the new Madden game when it comes out in August.

Then I realized something.

Our beautiful little girl will almost certainly be born before this game even comes out.

I guess despite the gorgeous growing tummy on my bride and the swift kicks and punches I periodically feel from the munchkin, it still doesn't feel quite as real to me as it does Sandi.

Then you have stupid, little realizations like I had today. The debut of this new football game is right around the corner.

And my baby will be here before then.

My baby.

How very, incredibly, spectacularly awesome.