Monday, February 20, 2012

The First Keeling Plague

Every new family has their first firsts.

First Time Your Kid Smiles. First Time Rolling Over. First Road Trip.

Well, these past few days served as our First Plague.

Very early Thursday morning we caught the first signs of it when little Josie decided her late night meal would look far better on her pajamas.

Sandi called out of work and spent the day trying to take care of her as best she could, and we both took her to the Doctor late Thursday afternoon. Fortunately, the Doc told us it was very likely a light stomach bug that would soon pass.

And it did. For Josie.

Then it was Sandi's turn. Late Friday it hit her. Then the next morning it hit me. Needless to say, it wasn't pretty.

Since then the house has been seemingly firebombed by Sandi with cleaning products. If there is a germ alive in this place, it's probably cowering in a corner praying that the lady with cleaning supplies dangling off her belt doesn't come find him.

About mid-afternoon on Sunday I felt like my normal self again. That's when this picture was taken of Josie coming to check on dear old Dad.

I'm a vision, aren't I?

Fortunately, Josie is back to her old self -- loving herself a little too much in her toy mirror. Clearly, a chip off the old block.

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