Sunday, March 4, 2012

He wasn't kidding.

My brother, who has his own 2+ year old, told me the following before Josie was born...

The hours may seem long at times, but the weeks and months fly by.

Well, after seven months, it is so incredibly true.

Now, like my brother, being a Dad kicks more ass than SEAL Team 6. But that doesn't mean there are times now and again where you wonder what in the heck you can do to help stop that little kid from crying. And it seems to last forever. It's challenging. It wears you out. But neither my brother nor I would trade it for anything.

But the weeks and the months? They go by fast. Like. Really fast.

So it's sort of amazing that today marks Josie's 7 month birthday.

She's got a little more hair than she had last month. A couple more pounds (believe it or not). And she is about a nanosecond from crawling all over God's green earth.

I've also heard from some of my old friends in DC that don't have kids. They wonder if I miss "the old life". Sure, it was tons of fun. But this... THIS is amazing.

I mean, what better way to start your morning than...

Seriously. EVERY morning is like that. Happiest kid ever.

Dad and Mom, too.

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