Monday, April 23, 2012

The Unique and Not-So-Terrifying Pterodactyl Raspberry Beauty Queen

As of late, Josie has been on an absolute tear.

These days she's chowing on everything from mushed up green beans to mushed up.... well, who knows what some of that stuff is, but she loves it.

But more impressively, she has recently learned a new bag of tricks.

First, crawling... but with the added twist of sounding like a wounded pterodactyl.

Next, the raspberries. My Grandpap made sure he taught me this one when I was a kid, and it's a skill I find incredibly useful in my professional career to this day.

And finally, she seems to have mastered the beauty queen wave. But unfortunately for Josie, she won't be allowed to wear make-up or pierce her ears until she's 45, so pageants are off the table.

We're working on the incredibly hysterical "raspberries while waving" combo. We'll keep ya updated on our progress.

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