Monday, May 2, 2011

Delivery Day Role Play

I pity the poor nurse who has to care for us at Riverside Methodist when the big day arrives. We are going to need 24/7 supervision.

UPDATE: Completed my glucose tolerance test this morning. Here's a little suggestion...don't try to drink tons of sugar on an empty stomach at 8am. No matter how much one LOVES sugar there is just badness that happens that early. After a brief period of time spent gagging with my husband coaching me through some breathing techniques and a few disgusting swallows, I made it to the lab in the appropriate amount of time.

As for baby, she is doing well. We saw parts of her brain, heart, stomach, and kidneys for a second time on ultrasound today. Dr. Bell thinks she is doing well and will be around 7 lovely pounds at full term. That makes me happy!!

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