Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's definitely a Keeling.

So there we are at our 2nd checkup since Sandi became pregnant.

We're excited to see the new ultrasound because he/she may look more like a baby and less like a seahorse.

We weren't disappointed.

The first view of Junior showed him standing straight up in his lovely living quarters.

Unfortunately, things were a weeee bit cramped as Mom's bladder was perhaps a bit more full than the nurse requested.

After a brief respite to give the little one a little more space, we tried again and saw the baby crouching carefully in the bottom right corner of the picture.

At first, me as the Father was a little curious of my spawn's desire to stay so still.


He/She sprang out of the corner, legs and arms extended, then just as quickly crouched back down.

The little one was screwing with us. Definitely a Keeling.

Here's the new bundle of joy.

As for Mommy, she's still feeling exhausted and sometimes sick.

Fortunately, she has me to beat up on and Junior's big sister to take care of her.

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